When American History Becomes… Annoying

PZ Myers, that gadfly of the religious right, has a post compiling some facts/observations regarding slavery, confederacy, and the Tea Party movement.

As someone who spent much of my college career studying the Civil War, it’s great on one hand that it’s relevant.  I guess it gives me a piece of mind knowing I didn’t waste my time, right?  (Right?!!!)

The only problem with that is these issues of big versus small government and federal republic versus confederacy are old, now.  What’s REALLY getting old for me is the thinly-veiled racism that slavery had nothing to do with the Civil War.  Why isn’t this obvious in 2010?  Why can’t we listen to the historians?

Oh well, if I expected reasonable thinking, then maybe Texas would get things straight.


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3 responses to “When American History Becomes… Annoying

  1. hmmm.. keep posting Josh.. I’ll be right here.. :) God bless!

  2. Cjz

    The Texas school board’s decision to write history in a manner fitting their political views is one of the most sickening decisions I’ve seen in awhile. The repercussions on true education of the facts will reach much farther then just Texas. Wing nut politics is slowly destroying this country.

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