I have my job cut out for me…

OK – after a phantom blog traffic spike (30 per day when I don’t even check WordPress?), I’ve been inspired to say a little bit more… thanks again goes to Taiwan Blogs!


Lisa is an English teacher in Korea who posts about her experiences and I’ve been keeping an eye on her blog through an RSS (RSS MY BLOG NOW) for the past few weeks.

Her recent post does a great job of giving some examples of some notebooks with English writing that is just horribly mistranslated.  Even my school’s webpage has big issues.  While I’m all for realizing that their English IS better than my Chinese (my girlfriend Yuling is a great example – her English is always improving but kicks the ass of my attempt at Mandarin), it’s easy to realize that English ain’t easy just by looking at this (God, that sentence was confusing… consider me an example).

At the same time, I almost LIKE the “Engrish.”  In Houston, we have a branch of a Japanese store called Fit. (Yelp)  “Fit your life, fit your style” is the motto – not bad.  The stuff they sell, however, is full of the nebulous and strange… sometimes unsettling… random sayings.

I’ll have to report back with some of MY OWN photographic evidence at some point.  A big place you’ll find it is with cute animals and food with faces printed on plates and bento boxes.  It’s great stuff. For now, check this out:

In other news/observations, Yuling watches a lot of a Taiwanese show called 康熙來了(Kanxi Lai Le, or “KanXi Arrives” – a variety show – see the Wikipedia here).  Being a variety show, it contains a LOT of random stuff that I don’t understand.  One of the most interesting things about all of this are the SOUND EFFECTS!

You’d think these things died out in the 70’s.  Thanks for keepin’ it alive, Taiwan!  The sound effect creators of the world love you.

Oh, and 5 weeks of school left – nearing only 3 months until departure!

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