Spreading Some Link Love

A friend of mine is starting a blog of her own about cooking.  I wanted to be nice and promote it – the food DOES look good.  So check it out.

I think she should try to make this 26-page recipe on brownies.  I wonder how complicated their Christmas cookies are.

See also the NPR story and the actual recipe.  Mmmmmmmm – “chemical leavening!”


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3 responses to “Spreading Some Link Love

  1. Elizabeth

    Ah, Josh. You’re too sweet. Are you also our one subscriber? Also, thanks for helping me with stumble upon. We have 102 hits so far today.

    I’m not sure how I feel about industrial strength brownies.

    • Joshua

      102 hits? Holy crap. I was excited when I had 50-something in one day after posting my page.

      You’ll want to link yours up with Facebook too and have it bug your friends’ newsfeeds whenever you update.

      As for the brownies: BUT YOU CAN STORE THEM FOR THREE YEARS! How awesome is that?!

  2. Elizabeth

    Yeah. I guess. I could store them in my bomb shelter in case there’s a nuclear holocaust. We got 106 hits in the past 24 hours. Our blog just must be super awesome.

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