First (real attempt at) HDR

This is my first realish attempt at HDR.  I say “realish” because I could put more time into thinking about my subjects with these and probably should buy a damned tripod – this was taken with some support, but no tripod until I move to Taiwan.

With that said, please comment!

If you don’t happen to know what HDR is, see Dave’s photos or these at StuckinCustoms …or this tutorial.


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2 responses to “First (real attempt at) HDR

  1. Pretty good job for a first attempt! Keep it up.

    A tripod is nice, but kind of a pain; not necessarily in carrying it, but in the attention you get. I don’t use mine half the time. WIth the decent auto-align in software apps and IS lenses (or VR I think, for nikon), you don’t really need a tripod unless you 1)want to do night photography, or 2)want to do long exposures. I know I’m disagreeing with Trey on that point and his photos are much better than mine, so y’know.. feel free to ignore my opinion ^^

    Thanks for the link, by the way!

    • Thanks for the comment – I’ll keep the tripod in mind. I’m not wanting to buy one in all honesty as I’ll be leaving the country.

      Maybe this will make the purchase of the REAL HDR software even easier! (I’m using the trial version of Hydra now)

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