More Photos

With summer break in session, I look forward to my month off from school to get ready for Taiwan (you can also read this as “sell my stuff”) and find cool places to experiment with the Nikon.

The first one is a “leftover” that I never really finished post-processing after visiting Teo Chew Temple.  Here is the link to my earlier photos from the temple. I’m actually still not perfectly happy with it – it seemed that the bright white color of the statue in the sunlight made my white balance go “WTF?”  Also, this had to be edited through a JPG rather than a RAW as the original was lost when my Macbook hard drive went belly up.

Secondly, a series of some more outdoor shots taken today at some local parks:


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2 responses to “More Photos

  1. Lulu

    What camera did you use?
    but I think it’s not the camera that produces great shots,
    It’s the person behind the camera,
    great shots, especially no. 2 and 4

    • Thanks!

      I use a Nikon D5000, which is a semi-entry level DSLR camera. I’m very happy with it. I also use Apple Aperture on my Macbook to post-process the images before I post them here.

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