HDR Water Wall

I’ve decided to capture more of my “adopted city,” Houston TX, in HDR before I leave for Taiwan.  I guess this means I’ll have an excuse to keep exploring!

If you haven’t been to Houston, it’s a great city.  Very diverse – but sprawling so this is sometimes hard to notice.  My students came from literally all over the world so as a teacher who had English Language Learners, it honestly didn’t matter as much that I didn’t know any Spanish.

It’s not a perfect city – definitely having its blemishes in the form of traffic, pollution, (some) crime, and the like… at least it isn’t touristy and whitewashed though… it has character.

Anyway, on to the HDR.  Click on it for the full version and my Flickr set.


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7 responses to “HDR Water Wall

  1. Lulu

    oh my! under the grip of giant clouds!
    this is scary in a pretty way.
    By the way, any students from Indonesia?:-)
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy Weekend

    • The clouds were what made me bring my camera after going into the city!

      And no students from Indonesia that I had in my classes – most that were from Asia were from Vietnam, China, or India… I did spend about a week teaching Indonesia in my geography class, though!

  2. Very impressive shot. That sky is incredible!

    • For the past week or so, Houston has had a pretty crazy sky – when it’s been picking up moisture from our stupid humidity but teasing us with only a few raindrops. So yeah, it’s been good for HDR!

      • …after posting this, I think I would tone down the grass if I were to repost. I think it still works, but I’m still getting used to what to desaturate, etc.

      • I’d agree with that, but instead of desaturating it, you could also try burning it down a bit in Aperture or Photoshop. I’m not sure, but I’d probably try that first. Many people overlook dodging and burning because it is such an old (and seemingly simple) technique, but I contend it’s still one of the most powerful. (I’d also dodge the building)

  3. Good to keep in mind – I did burn/dodge the recent post of the outdoor theatre. I’m starting to notice “overdone” skies more after reading through Trey’s first book.

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