Black-and-white HDR: St. Paul’s

From St. Mary’s to St. Paul’s… I love shooting the exteriors of religious places like churches and temples because they’re often so interesting… especially the ones with older styles of architecture.

I was actually a history minor in college and focused on religious history, so that gives me even more of a chance to give significance to structures like these – I can’t wait to visit the many Chinese and Buddhist temples of Taiwan.

Anyway, on to the photo:

I decided to go with black-and-white because it had just started raining.  Of course, this happened AFTER I waited to cross through traffic and was separated from  my car… but I think it was worth it.  I do have to say that when I was zooming in to make sure I didn’t need to touch anything up, I was scared – after seeing what looked like dust in the top left.  Then it hit me: it’s rain.

Anyway, make sure to click on the photo as usual to get to the flickr page and see the full version.  And thanks so much for the recent comments – they make me want to keep posting!  I’ll probably be posting at least one per day as I got a lot from this outing.  I’m still tweaking the other photos in Aperture – trying to get somewhat of a balance of realism in my saturation…

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One response to “Black-and-white HDR: St. Paul’s

  1. Lulu

    If you like Buddhist temples, you and your girlfriend must visit Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia, and see the sunrise from there.
    Nice shot! look so scary, but indeed beautiful.
    Having seen the photo made me think of the life happening there hmm perhaps thousand years ago.

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