HDR Houston: Confucious (孔夫子)

孔夫子, or “Master Kong” – the famous Chinese philosopher.  With Houston’s diversity, there is a local garden with statues of other famous names – Simon Bolivar, Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi are some others – that were donated by local immigrant groups, consulates, and sister cities.

I’ve always been more intrigued, I have to say, by the local gods of Chinese religion than the Confucian system – though “Master Kong” is certainly very important to Chinese history and daily life… something I’ll be seeing regularly in Taiwan.

I tried to get a dramatic shot with the sun behind – I should’ve waited in order to get the sun to peak out of the clouds.   Oh well.

Today I’m going to head out for some more photos as I’ll be having to get my International Driver’s Permit.  I think I’ll make a detour to Chinatown since I’m craving some things and with my girlfriend gone never get to go to the market….

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One response to “HDR Houston: Confucious (孔夫子)

  1. Tes

    What a great shot! The colors looks amazing. I love the stories behind it.

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