HDR Houston: Dun Huang Plaza

Yesterday while heading up to get my International Driving Permit, I stopped by the Chinese market and bubble tea place in Chinatown – more formally known as Bellaire, Houston.  It’s really an “Asiatown” as half of it is mostly Vietnamese and the other half Chinese with a few Koreans, but this plaza is probably 100% Chinese – or close to it.

Anyway, I took these shots knowing that it doesn’t look like a “real city.”  It’s all in a plaza – but the plaza itself is pretty nice and has interesting shops and restaurants.  I’m a big fan of Star Snow Ice, which serves mostly Taiwanese/Chinese food with REALLY good tapioca milk tea.

Off to the photos.  Remember to check them on my Flickr for full-sized versions.  If you are running Chrome on Flickr, you might have to refresh the dark-background photo to see the selection to get all sizes – I think they’re still working out bugs.


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2 responses to “HDR Houston: Dun Huang Plaza

  1. That’s in chinatown? Looks more American than Chinese. Ahh… stripmalls, how I’ve missed you. Wait.. no I haven’t.

    You’re a smart man to get an international permit (license?). I wish I had gotten one before moving to Japan. The drivers test is a freakin pain here

    • It does – but when you enter these places, all illusions are gone – it’s definitely Chinatown. Houston has way too many stripmalls – the city unfortunately requires a car… at least it’s an inexpensive city…

      And yeah – the license was easy to get… only $15. It’ll be good before I have to take the driving and/or motorcycle test in Taiwan – which isn’t hard at all now that I’ve looked into it.

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