I like sunsets.

This is an HDR of a sunset in Kemah – near where I live.  You saw this view earlier from my Kemah shots I took before – but this is in HDR… so glad that I kept all three exposures!

With Hurricane Alex sending storms my way, it’s not easy to get out and shoot… which is unfortunate.

You know the drill. Click on the photo for my Flickr.


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4 responses to “I like sunsets.

  1. Lulu

    wow!! what an amazing shot!
    I really love this. It can be a source of a painting
    two thumbs up!

  2. Lulu

    btw, have you ever tried to take some shots of the moon?

    • No – mostly because I’m not extremely comfortable shooting without a lot of light just yet. I’m still learning about basics when it comes to shooting in light, after all!

  3. Shooting the moon is hard! I have yet to get a decent shot of it. Doesn’t help that the longest lens I have is only 250.


    Nice sunset. As you probably know, sunsets are just about my favorite type of photo to process in HDR. HDR makes what is already amazing even better.

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