Houston: Pien Hou Temple

Today, I had a chance to visit Pien Hou Temple in Houston.  Something people don’t realize about this Texas city is that there are not one, but two Chinatowns.  The old one was set up when people first moved here with the expansion west and has a lot of history… history which is dying due to a mix of gentrification and a movement toward the “New Chinatown” in the Bellaire district far, far west of downtown.

As one commentator noted, it’s hard to tell how long this temple will stick around.  Check out his photos of the temple for different takes on this place.  It’s a beautiful spot… and as always: click on the photo for more… I updated a lot of photos to Flickr today.


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4 responses to “Houston: Pien Hou Temple

  1. Eric Pearce

    The skies in these are really great. I rarely see this type of cloudy sky captured well in photographs. Well, not in my photos. I like all the Houston pictures.

    • Thanks for your comments. Sometimes the sky comes out well – if I do it in HDR it takes some cleaning up to make it look realistic… I decided to go without making it looking too realistic with the dragon/roof one above – sometimes it depends on the photo.

  2. Joshua,

    You have gorgeous picture of the temple, do you like the place? For me, there are many interesting details here and there that just worth photographing. It retains the sense of oldness that some newer temples don’t have. Just beautiful.

    How do you like working with HDR? I haven’t done much on it, my photographs are mostly conventional. What are the biggest challenges in doing it?

    Thanks for the nice comments and links about my site. Keep posting the good works,



    • Jeff,

      Thanks for your comments! I loved visiting the temple – I also liked seeing Teo Chew Temple in Bellaire – see my earlier post for that and a later post for more HDR from Pien Hou :) I’ll be moving to Taiwan soon, so I look forward to seeing and photographing more!

      HDR is fun to work with, though it takes some extra time with post-processing. In addition to possibly reframing the photo and figuring out how colors will work, it’s important to set it up so the three exposures match – luckily, Photomatix does a great job of matching the three results you get. I think the biggest challenge is post-processing after Photomatix… making sure the colors aren’t too saturated (like the roof with the dragons above is, in my opinion) and that there aren’t “halos” around buildings is important.

      Thanks and regards,


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