Sri Meenakshi Temple

Tonight, I decided on a whim to drive out to see Sri Meenakshi Temple, a South Indian style temple that I had previously visited for a Diwali celebration.  (If you can ever see a Diwali celebration, don’t hesitate!  Just don’t take any tips from Michael Scott.  Indian food is actually delicious…)

Anyway, I made sure I’d see it near or at sunset – though I think I slightly missed the “golden hour,” the HDR in these shots definitely shows the sun.  I took this photo barefoot after asking if I could take some photos of the temple complex – they gave me permission… as long as I was without shoes while in the temple gates.

Click on it to see the Flickr – and some photos I’ll be posting here in the future from San Jacinto monument.


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3 responses to “Sri Meenakshi Temple

  1. thanks for dropping by. you have nice photos too! keep it up!

  2. Lulu

    love the temple and the sky!

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