More from Pien Hou (Houston)

Still in Houston – leaving the country in about 2 weeks and leaving the state in 2 days!  These were taken during my last trip to Pien Hou Temple south of Downtown Houston – I just now had the chance to post-process them and upload.  Check out the Flickr set for more from that trip.

First is HDR – second is regular.


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3 responses to “More from Pien Hou (Houston)

  1. Tes

    I love Chinese architecture, it is vibrant! Beautiful shots as always :)

  2. argh! i’m gonna miss you so much Josh he he.. as if I’ve seen you before ha ha.. well, i do hope and pray that I’ll meet you and Yuling in person.. still misses you though! God bless! i’m praying for you always bro! keep me posted okies? *mwahugs*

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