HDR: Sunset on the Farm

My parents live on a 17-acre farm in Ohio, and this was taken nearby.  I managed to get it right after a summer storm came through, delivering wind and a tiny amount of rain… unfortunately, only this shot turned out as I didn’t have a tripod and these long exposures in the evening are not so much fun to take by hand.

About 9 days until I’ll be in Taiwan… then this blog will be telling the truth!  Not that these 9 days need to go too fast, though.

Note: I’ll be using the smaller-format “medium” photo that Flickr provides from now on to better fit the format of this blog’s theme – which I don’t want to change.  Please make sure to click on it and see it as a full picture on Flickr.


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4 responses to “HDR: Sunset on the Farm

  1. Debby Eli

    cool shot Josh!! Second career??!

  2. Tes

    Wow this shot look so warm and touching… I make me think of home :)

  3. Lulu

    What a sunset captured in a nice shot!
    Perhaps I can use this for my painting inspiration, may I?

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