HDR Wellington

Having time off is great… I went into “downtown” Wellington today to get some of these shots.  This is a tiny rural community of about 4,500 people… I had half that population at the high school I used to work at… and is where I grew up.  Quite different than Houston or Hsinchu City.

I’m fascinated by churches – especially Wellington churches – because of my senior thesis’ main subject being religion in the area.


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4 responses to “HDR Wellington

  1. Eric Pearce

    I like those colorful flares in the first picture. That’s the kind of
    thing that gets lost (deleted) in a lot of digital photography, sadly.

    • I agree! I think it adds to the photo – perhaps it gets taken out by some due to the fact that it’s added by the lens and not seen with the eye?

      I would only take one out if it makes the photo distracting. 99% of the time, this shouldn’t be the case because the photographer should know that pointing the lens at the sun will do this…

  2. Tes

    I like the first shot which the sun shine from the side of the building, it looks stunning and beautiful.

  3. That first shot is awesome. Great job! Love the sun.

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