HDR Ohio: Firelands at Sunset

These shots were taken at Firelands Scout Reservation, a boy scout camp where I once worked during the summer.  I had always loved the sunsets and got a special treat when visiting last night.

The clouds are a result from Ohio’s weather – cool and warm air mix pretty frequently to create storms (and possible tornadoes) that form on the spot.  99% of the time, it’s just a beautiful experience…

Click on the photos for full size at Flickr as usual – remember that the 4,000 pixel-sized photos are even available.  And as always, more exist on the Flickr page – you’ll have to look through them yourself!


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2 responses to “HDR Ohio: Firelands at Sunset

  1. Tes

    I love the first shot so much… it looks so fresh and somehow remind me of my childhood scene. It is so perfect and balance.

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