Not a Bad View…

Well, this blog is finally not misleading, after all!  I arrived in Taipei about 24 hours ago and have been very busy ever since.  After meeting with my girlfriend’s family and getting situated by going to the bank and running some errands this morning, I’ve already seen quite a bit.

One of my tasks was to settle into an “apartment” – more of a dorm room.  The nice parts?  It’s very clean and new, has some nice amenities like a TV and a 24-hour guard downstairs, and a much nicer bathroom than I’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, it makes a dorm room I stayed in at college look spacious.  Needless to say, I’ll be shopping for another apartment in the future, but this is good for now – it’s cheap… about $6,100 NT… and works well since I won’t be spending much time here anyway.

Oh… and did I mention the balcony has a great view of Hsinchu and Jhubei?

I KNEW this view was screaming “SUNSET HDR” when I saw it :)


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2 responses to “Not a Bad View…

  1. Lulu

    not bad at all! glad you are there already:-)
    quite nice! looking forward to seeing your other shots and stories

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