Sights from Hsinchu

I live across the river from  a large city known as Hsinchu, which is home to much of Taiwan’s electronic industry.  These photos go away from my recent attempts to work on composition, etc, as I was just exploring the city while my girlfriend was getting a new cell phone.

As usual, click on each for a full-sized image through Flickr.

The above shot was in a roundabout – not sure what the older building is, but I liked the juxtaposition of the old/new… I’ll have to check this out when it’s finished being renovated…

I’ve always hated KFC in the States – I’m almost kinda/sorta eager to see what it’s like here…

Scooter parking is difficult, but not impossible if you cut corners…

…and I’m not sure what Cleveland fans think of LeBron here, :)

Notice the globalization – the good news is that this city still has a lot of culture… but I think it’s a perfect example of why I’m teaching English here…


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8 responses to “Sights from Hsinchu

  1. Welcome to Taiwan, Josh! There’s some good windurfing/kitesurfing down your way, if you’re into that. Tony Fish runs the operation at

  2. Tes

    I have to admit that I am really jealous right now! I wish my husband have some time off from his office soon so we can go see some beautiful city like this.
    Your pictures are really captures the lives in the city. It is so wonderful to see how the East and the West are blended and harmonised perfectly in this beautiful town. I hope you update more beautiful pictures and the amazing adventures again soon :)
    Have a wonderful day,

  3. if u go to kfc, make sure to try the egg tarts. believe it or not, they are some of the best in all of taiwan!

    • I’m not a huge egg fan, but I’ll keep that in mind! I figured it’d be different as I don’t see cornmeal or grits flying too far here – maybe I’m wrong…

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  5. Xenthius

    You must absolutely try the Portuguese Egg Tarts at KFC. They are stellar and oddly among the best I’ve had. Chicken is unmentionable. Go to the night market and get fried chicken nuggets and slabs for your Popeyes/Church’s fix.

    • I actually HATE eggs, :)

      When it comes to Taiwan, I do know that night markets > than anything fast food can give you. I actually have never liked KFC and still have yet to visit.

      I prefer the healthier hole-in-the-wall restaurants where I can get beef noodles for 60 NT, rather than paying twice that at a Western chain or “nicer” restaurant.

      McDonald’s on the other hand, gives me cravings. Must be the fries.

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