Leaving Taipei…

I am just about to board a HSR (high speed rail) train back to Jhubei, a 30 minute trip. I spent my weekend exploring Taipei city and took quite a few (1,000) photos – so exhausted!

I will be updating this site and Flickr as I process them – which will take quite a while…


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3 responses to “Leaving Taipei…

  1. just a quick note to let you know that beings that i am an old Taiwan devotee, who married a beauty fro Chiayi almost 45 years ago…would like to say that i just found your blog and look forward to reading and especially love the pictures. Please keep it up. Thank you for letting me see what has become of the Taiwan i first fell in love with in the 1960’s.

    • Thanks for the comments! Glad to see that you enjoy the photos – though in the next few days there will be more of Hong Kong, which I have to say, isn’t nearly as great of a place as “Ilha Formosa” – I can see why the Portuguese called Taiwan that…

      I’m sure much has changed, but I’m also amazed at how much it lives right next to tradition… this place really is great to see, hear, and (except stinky tofu) even smell.

      • Josh,i always found that the further you got away from the big cities the more interesting. I look forward to any and all updates. Enjoy life and perhaps we can meet before Christmas.

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