Longshan Temple (Taipei Post 1)

As I mentioned before, I did a LOT in Taipei.  It’s a great city with a lot to see – some districts are newer, and others older.  While I stayed in the newer parts of the city for things like food and entertainment, the older parts beckon those who want to experience Chinese history, religion, and culture.

Longshan Temple could be called “interdenominational,” as my Lonely Planet guide suggests, but I think that’s glossing over the fact that Chinese religion is super-confusing to most Westerners as it is.  Since most people practice a plethora of belief systems, we see most temples “serving out” all or most of these in an almost cafeteria format.  Longshan is no different – much like Teo Chew or Pien Hou in Houston, we’ve got Chinese gods, boddhavistas, and Taoist prayer buildings sitting alongside each other.

As usual, click on each for the full Flickr photo.

There are, as usual, a few more on the Flickr stream.  I’ll be updating this with shots from Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei 101, and other Taipei sights within the coming days.


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3 responses to “Longshan Temple (Taipei Post 1)

  1. Tes

    What a beautiful temple! Very elegant and magnificent! Again your pictures are so amazing. Didn’t you feel like you were in an old chinese movie!
    Have a wonderful day,

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