Sights of ShiDa Night Market (師大路夜市) (Taipei Post 3)

During my trip to Taipei, Yuling and I visited Shida Night Market, a famous example of the many night markets in Taiwan.  These events, which might occur weekly or every evening, are a way for the locals to spend time (and money) shopping and eating through all hours of the night.  It makes a lot of sense that in the case of Shida, a college is nearby and there are plenty of expat and local music venues throughout.

Something I had to get used to was the fact that people go to Shida to just walk around.  Crowds of untold magnitudes of people converge in one tiny spot and really don’t mind the human traffic jam they get themselves into – it’s not uncommon or extremely impolite to bottleneck a passage – the 100 people behind you will almost expect it to happen.

I’ll link to the Taipei Times here – they offer a great description.  As usual, photos and descriptions follow and each is a link to the (BETTER) real version on Flickr!

Hopefully the above photo gives you an idea of how crowded this was…

…while this gives you an idea of the food.  These balls were made of fish, octopus, and wasabi – then served with some kind of dried vegetable on top… very tasty, but too hot to eat at first.


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3 responses to “Sights of ShiDa Night Market (師大路夜市) (Taipei Post 3)

  1. hi there
    thanks for leaving comment at my blog, i must say, the world is so americanized nowadays. if people were to ask where is america? i’d say the whole world! from levis to McD, you name it. i love all the photos here, i’ll be bookmarking and hope to see more of taiwan through an american’s eye/view. happy teaching!

  2. Yes – in the US, I think I’d say how unfortunate it is (and it can be) – here, I think it’ll be nice to at least be able to find a taste of home if I want it… not that it’ll happen often :) (see the octopus/wasabi rolls as an example :) )

    Thanks for following my blog – I had done the same with yours.

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