Taipei 101 (台北101) (Taipei Post 4)

The Taipei 101 visit was something I had been looking forward to since my time in the States, so it was worth braving the crowds of tourists from all over to get in and see the observation deck.  Lucky for us, we arrived just in front of a massive Chinese tour group, so we were able to move along in line as my boredom was quelled by my trusty iPhone.

Taipei 101 – named as such because it’s in Taipei and has 101 stories – was the tallest building in the world until early this year, when Burj Khalifa in Dubai opened.  Visitors who see the Taipei skyline might think that the city has no tall office buildings because they are simply dwarfed by the massive structure.

Unfortunately for us, we visited on a pretty hazy day, though there was some glimmer of sunlight during the evening’s sunset.  I hope to go back to Taipei in the not-too-distant-future to get some shots of this in the skyline at night.  I’m sure it’s amazing.

The above is Taipei 101 in the early evening.  It’s a 3-exposure HDR as is the following picture…

…which was taken inside the smaller building’s mall.  Anyone up for some luxury shopping?

…this HDR shows that glimmer of sunlight we had.  Conveniently in the west as well is a mountain peak and river.  You’ll want to click on that photo for the full-size image in Flickr…

The above photo is another HDR (this location lent itself very well to multiple exposures!) of the winddamper.  Located in the middle of the building near the top, it is a giant counterweight meant to, well, damper the wind.  The effects are noticed – if you go near the windows, you will sway a little bit… but not near this behemoth.

Another HDR taken in a park just outside the mall.  I’m thinking that this would be a cool photo if the ground were wet and the lights were reflecting more…

Looking up again… another 3-exposure HDR.  Though the following photo didn’t need this treatment…

…and another view from the top.  I’ll attribute the softness of this HDR to the fact that it was unfortunately taken through the window of the indoor observation deck.

…and to finish off, a photo of the outdoor deck.  The man in blue is a security guard – probably making sure we have no jumpers.  The giant cage was good as it doesn’t interfere with your photos (a lens fits right through) and it seems much more effective than the Rockefeller Center’s plexiglass.


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10 responses to “Taipei 101 (台北101) (Taipei Post 4)

  1. backlitpxl

    The 5th shot is amazing. Well done!

  2. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Tes

    Those pictures looks amazing. Very colorful and beautiful! You are really a great photographer.

  4. koji

    the security guard is mainly because there was a BASE jumper about 2 years ago that got lots of publicity because he filmed the whole ordeal and posted it on youtube, it embarassed the security there a bit.

    if you want great shots of taipei 101 at night, go to elephant mountain and you can take some awesome shots of 101 and the backdrop. do a look online and you’ll see some pics from others.

    • Wow – I didn’t realize that! I was planning on checking Elephant Mountain out, actually. It’s just my understanding that there was no way to squeeze it into our already packed 3 days in the city. Thanks for the tip, though – I’ll be sure to bring a tripod and try to get it in the late evening!

  5. I made like 100 of photos of this building, I’m such a big fan of skyscrapers, took pics of most of them. Was also impressed with Tuntex Sky Tower in Kaohsiung. I’m looking fwd to the Gates of Taipei, the 2 skyscrapers (200+m and 300+m) will be built near the Taipei Main station.

    • I’m also a huge fan of skyscrapers and since I used to teach geography in the US, made this and the Burj Khalifa must-see visits in my life, so I was excited to check it out.

      Thanks for mentioning the Gates of Taipei – I honestly had no clue there were plans for more. I’ll have to look into that…

  6. Looks like a really neat building with fantastic views. Great images. Gave me a nice feel of the place.

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