Sights from 18-Peak Mountain

I recently went for a hike to Hsinchu’s 18-Peak Mountain with a friend of mine who was nice enough to show me around.  The area was a nice break from the pollution, congestion, and chaos that is seen/heard in the city.  Here are some shots…

The above is an HDR of Hsinchu City – I was really wishing for a clearer view, but this wasn’t bad…

I’ll soon be posting with some photos from a recent occurrence I experienced tonight – I’ll save the next post for what happened, but I’ll have to leave this link for information on the Ghost Festival as a teaser…

…now I’m off to post-process then night away!


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4 responses to “Sights from 18-Peak Mountain

  1. Tes

    The spider shots look amazing! These photos are such an inspiration. I think I should go buy new camera and take some photography class!

  2. I’ve been to Hsinchu once and loved it. It’s so clean and neat. I like the old gate. I’m surely gonna return once I’m back in Taiwan :) Nice shots as usually.

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