…still in Hong Kong…

…so this blog won’t be updated until at least this weekend with more photos.  In the meantime, I created a video about my first week in Taiwan.  Since my DSLR, a Nikon D-5000, records video, I’ve decided to learn some basic video editing.  Unfortuantely, a few things work against me:

  • I only have iMovie, and obviously won’t get anything better;
  • Shooting video with a DSLR is awkward;
  • I’m still learning what kinds of shots to take (e.g. should I pan? zoom?);
  • the Nikon annoyingly doesn’t auto-focus while taking video;
  • I’m not the most graceful person…

Anyhow, here it is below:

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One response to “…still in Hong Kong…

  1. Well done…especially for a “first time”. Taiwan has changed so much in looks and i can not wait until the end of November. I will be back for the first time since April 17, 1979. My wife has been back but i have not. I will live off of these pictures until then.

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