…and we’re back!

After three days of exploring Hong Kong, Yuling and I are back in Jhubei and quite exhausted. The great thing about not working until the end of this month is that I had today to sleep away – I didn’t get out of bed until about 11:30 – a good 11 or so hours of sleep.

During our three days, we were active during every waking hour – exploring nightmarkets, famous landmarks, and taking in the beautiful view of the city. I do have to say (and this is a good thing) that I prefer Taiwan. A few things work against HK – the fact that it’s so expensive, very Westernized, and sometimes just too touristy.

With that said, I’m glad I made the visit. I’ve at least got it off “the list” and have to say I did enjoy my time. I will be posting my first photo I’ve finished here for now – an HDR of the Tian Tan Giant Buddha, a massive bronze statue, and will be getting the rest of the trip’s photos up in time.


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6 responses to “…and we’re back!

  1. Well with a 70-300 Nikkokr you should get right out there right now and give birds a try. But I warn you – they are not easy! No siree … they hide in the leaves, and they dart, and they duck and weave … they will surely test your patience … and you will yell with delight when you capture one that is in focus and does not have his head chopped off.

    Go for it!!

    • I’ll hopefully do that soon – I only have a bicycle and the nearest large park is a good 20 minute scooter ride away.

      I have tried to get birds in the past with my little 18-55mm and has those problems – also, the same can be said of butterflies, which will almost tease me as I’m trying to get them.

  2. Is this the one in Lantau Island? Great Shot! You’re right, i’ve beent o Hongkong several times, and I still prefer Taiwan… Happy Weekend!

    • Yes – this is Lantou Island. HK as a whole was beautiful, but it seemed to lack something that Taiwan had… I’ve now been back for 24 hours and it seems like home again. This is a good sign for me :)

  3. Tes

    What a beautiful statue! My sis went there last year and she took the similar picture. This picture looks beautiful and peaceful :)

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