From the Peak (Hong Kong Post 2)

On the second day of our Hong Kong trip, we took a walk around the city as I searched high and low for a Nikkor 70-300mm lens, the second of my collection since purchasing my DSLR.

While I didn’t get the lens at first, we did get to tour the Lower Manhattan-esque Central District of Hong Kong. I honestly wasn’t enthralled as other than the fact that I was walking up steep hills and sharing narrow sidewalks, it felt as if I’d seen it all before. However, we did get to a series of ridiculously long escalators, which took us most of the way up the mountain. Closer to the top, we eventually encountered the “Peak” cable trolley – which took us to the top of the city for a spectacular view. Photos below.

The two above photos show our trolley on the way up (first photo) and the way down.  You can see the grade on this hill – it was actually very steep… I tried not to think about that too much…

…an HDR of a lion “guarding” the city…

…and the city itself, with a regular single exposure.  Too bad it was a dreary day, as it didn’t help my lighting at all…

…and the trolley going down the mountain.


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2 responses to “From the Peak (Hong Kong Post 2)

  1. Great photos. I’ve been here in 2009 and made similar photos. But I didn’t have a DSLR, only a normal cam, so my photos weren’t that good. The peak is fun, I’d return up there any time. I only skipped Madame Tussaud’s :)

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