More Hong Kong Photos (HK Post 4)

Getting into the fourth of five Hong Kong posts here – even though I have had a chance to check out some more of Jhubei as we went to a night market last night and I got some good sunset and train shots at a nearby park last night.  They’ll be coming soon.

The first today is a shot of some lion statues at Wong Tai Sin temple.  This Hong Kong temple was packed with people practicing 求籤, or (Catontonese) Kau Cim.  This, as the Wikipedia article mentions, involves getting a number from a small cup of sticks.  You then take the number to exchange it for a piece of paper which is interpreted by a temple fortune teller.  I’m not sure how useful this is for the money you pay, but it was interesting to see… the temples in Hong Kong definitely seemed to be more money-oriented than Taiwanese temples.

The next set of photos shows some Falun Gong protests.  This group seemed to have a heavier presence in Taiwan, especially at spots where Chinese tourists would visit.  In addition, they definitely had English-language literature on-hand, as I noticed when a woman shoved some brochures into my face.

I’ve found it important to keep people – whether they be onlookers or protesters – outside of these shots.  While even I might see this “new religious movement” as something hard to understand, I hardly think it requires persecution or banning by the government.  This has been one of many issues that does not make me eager to visit the mainland any time soon.

And to finish the post off, some photos of daily life in the (very nice, but slightly confusing) subway:


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4 responses to “More Hong Kong Photos (HK Post 4)

  1. I like the MTR photos you took, you have the skills!

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