Sunsets and Sights in Jhubei

These are some shots of a recent sunset I was lucky enough to catch in a riverside park in Jhubei.  This park is on the southern edge of the city and borders the river which splits us apart from nearby, much larger Hsinchu.  In addition, it’s next to a set of train tracks, so I was able to practice getting some movement with my camera.

The first two shots of the sunset are HDR – I really think the 3 exposures were important to capture what the sky looked like that night…

…the next few shots feature these red-colored plants which grew up along the side of the hill like weeds.  Not a bad subject for a sunset.

…and lastly the train.  Notice the graffiti on the bridge – there’s not much of it here in Taiwan, but it’s kind of interesting how it’s less obnoxious to me just because it’s written in Chinese.  I’ve certainly noticed the same thing with advertisements and storefronts – odd how being a bit more removed from a culture changes your perception.


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5 responses to “Sunsets and Sights in Jhubei

  1. Tes

    Wow! These are so beautiful! The colors are so warm and inviting :) I would love to have some of these hanging on my living room :)

  2. Eric Pearce

    We miss you at Clear Springs.
    (You missed a full-day meeting in the cafeteria today.)

    • Wow – sounds amazing, Eric :)

      We don’t start here until the 27th for foreign teachers.

      And thanks for the comment, Tes! I’ve actually never printed one of my photos – kind of a testament to the digital thing, I guess?

  3. Lulu

    beautiful sky
    love your shots!

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