Jhubei Night Market

While I have already made a post about the ShiDa Night Market, I was recently excited to visit a market here in Jhubei which is obviously easier to get to, still very large, and occurs weekly.  As I said before, night markets are pretty common here in Taiwan, and you can expect some very good food to go along with your visit.

Above, we have some common scenes: crowds and food.  Both of these are huge things to contend with… and when I mean “content with” food, I mean that you have to choose.  One of the choices, below, is known as Chou Dofu, or “Stinky” Tofu (臭豆腐).  臭豆腐 is a form of tofu which is first fermented – so you can imagine it lives up to its name of being “stinky.”  I had the chance to try this in Houston and hated it as mine smelled and TASTED like feet, and was quite apprehensive to try it again here in Taiwan.  I certainly smelled it… Yuling wasn’t fooling me extremely well when she tried to feed it to me as I finished off my barbeque corn.  I told myself, though, that I’d give it another go, grabbed it with my chopsticks… and…

…it wasn’t too bad, actually!  I even like it more than the Taiwanese “kimchi” or cabbage, which goes pretty well with it… if you ever eat it, though, do yourself a favor and DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT read the Wikipedia article on how it’s made before you do.  I thought about this while eating it, and it almost ended very, very poorly. I can at least add this to the pig intestine, duck blood, chicken feet, chicken gizzard, and beef tongue that I’ve had so far… and with the exception of that tofu, I apologize to any vegetarians out there.  Just make sure you hang around the Buddhist monasteries for food if you come to Taiwan… everyone else is a definite carnivore here.

Anyway, on to some more photos…

Again, a reminder: sometimes photos are heavily cropped to make them more interesting – to see this photo, just click on it and you’ll see a larger size in Flickr.

So the above photo is representative of some of the carnival-style games they had.  In the front of the rows, you’ll see some basic items… snacks, soda, whatever.  If you can throw a ring around it, you’ve got it.  Further back?  Beer bottles.  With beer.  A little bit more?  A full bottle of whiskey.  Hmmm.

…gotta love the flavored corn.  I tried my BBQ corn at a different stall, but will be visiting this one in the future.

…and another stall cooking stinky tofu on skewers with cabbage…

…sashimi, anyone?


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3 responses to “Jhubei Night Market

  1. Mike Graziano

    I like the pics.

  2. I have yet to see flavored corn at a night market here in Yilan–that looks amazing! Then again I also have yet to try stinky tofu, though it comes up at least once a day ;) Great pics!

  3. Jude

    Yes! I have been here, it’s crazy packed, filled with amazing food… noisy salespeople, guys standing on chairs announcing sales everywhere, cute puppies for sale.. man I miss it.. it’s a crazy but unique and fun shopping experience. Just the humidity kills and so does the stinky tofu.. ugh yeck! >_<

    Amazing pics btw.. keep it up! (That's what she said..")

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