Luce Chapel, Taichung

This set of photos looks like it could have been taken in the US – a chapel on the campus of a private Methodist-founded college in Taichung by the name of Tunghai University.  Taichung is Taiwan’s third largest city and geographically in the center of the country… its name “台中” actually including the chracters for “middle of Taiwan.”*

All photos are HDR except for the last which is made with a single exposure.  Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I changed the layout and theme of this site – let me know if you do/don’t hate it if you want.  I went with the black background because this oddly became a photo blog – something I never planned on starting.

*Lots of Taiwanese cities are like this.  台北 (Taipei) simply means “north of Taiwan.”  The city I live in, 竹北 (Jhubei or Zhubei) refers to being “north of bamboo.”  Just south of 竹北 is 新竹, or Hsinchu.  The “竹” character refers to the bamboo which I’m guessing used to be in the area while, if you haven’t noticed, 北 means “north.”


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4 responses to “Luce Chapel, Taichung

  1. Sweet shots bro. I’ve been meaning to get up to the uni to get similar ones.

    • Thanks! I also mentioned this on your blog, but I’ll have to check out Tainan sometime. Maybe I’ll stay away from that abandoned hospital, though…

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  3. 2010?? Whoa!– this is an oldie. I really like the cascading perspectives– bit like riding a roller coaster! Thanks for the ride, hope all’s well with you, Josh. : )

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