Long Exposures in Taichung

One of the more difficult types of photos to take is the ever cool looking long exposure.  Usually done at night, these are made by setting the Aperture to a high number (my lens goes to f-stop 22) and holding the shutter open on “bulb” mode.  If you hold it too long, and it’s bleached out.  Too little, and it’s too dark.  Oh – and don’t wobble it… most people do this with a tripod and remote trigger.

These photos are some pictures of traffic at dusk using this method.  I was actually very happy with this set because it’s the first time I’ve gotten this moving traffic in this way.  I’m going to have to try more techniques, like the black card – which should let me keep the shutter open longer and get more movement without bleaching things out.


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4 responses to “Long Exposures in Taichung

  1. I love this perspective. Well done.

    • Thanks! I forgot to mention that I got these as I was walking across a pedestrian bridge. My poor girlfriend had to wait as I stood in multiple spots holding the shutter down.

  2. Wonderful sense of movement. Love your light trails.

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