Ghost Festival (Post 1)

I know I’ve been posting a lot (you definitely know if you subscribe!) – but I wanted to get these photos up before the ghost festival starts again this weekend.  The festival comes to a climax – first with Tuesday’s display of food and other offerings as well as the burning of “ghost money” and setting off of firecrackers.  The ghost money mentioned involves these Taoist prayer sheets… meant to bring protection and good luck.  This protection and good luck is implied because you are in a way giving money to the ancestors – as well as providing them with food and drink.  Many of these tables – as you’ll see below – had food, beer, incense, and other items… sometimes a whole chicken with a head on – common in Chinese rituals.


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2 responses to “Ghost Festival (Post 1)

  1. Tes

    I like your blog new look!
    They were doing something similar in China town, Thailand, too.
    Beautiful pictures :)

  2. Great pictures, I love the colors displayed on the tables and letterings. Really nice.

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