It’s Been a While…

…yes, it HAS been a while since I posted to this blog.  The biggest reason being that I started work on Friday the 27th and we got students the next Monday, the 30th of August.

Since I am teaching a… wide variety of classes, I have no shortage of preparation.  The good news is that most of this has been done for me – and teaching 4th grade isn’t extremely difficult as long as you can include games and activities to keep the kids’ from going insane.  In addition to 4th graders, I also have some 5th graders (only one class), some 7th graders, and my other main group, an advanced Junior High class with students who all plan to move to the US or Canada for high school and/or college.

I haven’t even touched my camera this week, unfortunately.  I will probably try to do more with it this week as I get used to a new apartment, new routine, and new school.  In the meantime, I do have some photos outside of my NEW apartment window.  These are HDR shots looking across the street from my new balcony.  I think these are a little too saturated on one hand, but do like how they turned out.  There’s some ghosting on the one that shows the intersection as I didn’t bother to mask out the moving people.  They’re not TOO noticeable…

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