Digging Through Past Photos

Our original plan today was to go back to Taichung on a camping trip.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow that to happen, so I found myself relaxing on a lazy Saturday – not wanting to see if my camera was up for being tested in the rain.

Instead, I dug through my photos from before.  Whenever I take pictures, I get hundreds – if not thousands of shots.  Usually, the good ones jump out at you – I probably knew which ones I wanted to keep before I even saw them on the computer screen.  Links in the description should be linking back to the original post from that series.

Consider these newish in a way.

The above was taken across the street from one of Taiwan’s most famous temples in Hsinchu.  Interestingly, there’s a movie theater which runs American films across the street.  I thought the mix of old and new here was interesting… not that I’ve seen Sex and the City 2 or plan to…

The two above photos were taken at a beach near Hsinchu.

Street dogs are a common sight in Taiwan.  I’m not sure if the above was a stray or not as I saw him/her in a park.  While the situation is apparently much better than it has been in the past, there are a combination of factors of dogs not being spayed and the lack of space making them more obvious.  In most cases, they’re pretty tame, but it is still quite  a sad sight.

The two above photos were taken during the pre-ghost month festival that came near Yuling’s house…

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