Morning Traditional Market, Jhubei

Today, Yuling and I went into the older part of Jhubei to visit the traditional market – an experience that predates how people got food prior to Carrefour or 7-11.  While I did not buy anything (Yuling did get a rice cake), it was full of great subject material – a frustrating fact since there was very little room to stop and take a picture.


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6 responses to “Morning Traditional Market, Jhubei

  1. Great shots :) Is your girlfriend’s name Yuling? My girl’s name is Yuleng, hehe. But sometimes I call her Yuling, cuz it’s easier to pronounce for me :)

    • Thanks – and yes, her name is Yuling. It’s quite easy to pronounce – but the ACTUAL Chinese prononciation is more like an “ooo” or “ueh” in place the “Yu.” I try not to (aside from my job teaching English, where it’s required) call people by Westernized names – I feel like such a cheater :)

  2. Yeah, it’s like German “ü”, right? I think the first part is same as my girlfriend’s, the ling may be different :) I needed a while to pronounce it well and it’s not easy, cuz both tones go up (ú and é) and that tone is for me the hardest to pronounce. The ü is easy for me, since I studied German :) How’s your Mandarin progressing? Mine is pretty limited and basic, more in the level of phrases and few funny sentences.

    • It’s coming – though unfortunately not fast enough. I think it’s because I teach English from 8-5 everyday, so I really don’t have a chance to practice as much as I’d like.

    • …and yes… like the ü. I also took German, so I didn’t have too much trouble with that one sound. Now to master the rest in Chinese :) (And kick myself for ONLY taking German in school!)

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