Around the Apartment

OK – to straighten things out first, only the first three photos are new.  It amazes me… whenever I have time to shoot photos outside, it rains.  When I don’t (and end up not getting home until after-dark), it’s… well… dark.  This has been annoying as of late.

I do have good news, though.  Over the summer, I entered an HDR image of Sri Meenakshi Temple in Pearland, Texas (click on the title for that post/photo) to Harvard University’s Pluralism Project.  The Pluralism Project exists to educate people about America’s growing religious diversity and I was excited when they had a call for photos.  Well, I am one of the winners, but I can’t say that I got the grand prize.  That’s OK – the grand prize definitely kicked everyone’s butt… it’s a beautiful shot of floating lanterns.  My shot wasn’t bad, but looking back, I realize that I still need to keep working on framing.  I liked the dramatic perspective this one had and will try to improve on it in the future.

Anyway, as for tonight’s shots – the first three come from a quick jaunt out for some rice and pork at a Japanese-Taiwanese restaurant.  It was pretty good and cheap… nutritious, too… so no complaints here.  The first shot is a nearby restaurant’s paper lantern:

After dinner, Yuling and I walked around the neighborhood.  We came across this temple which was located right next to a park – the first shot includes some bokeh in the background as I was trying to get the obligatory temple incense shot:

I had mixed feelings once I was done with the following shot.  Since these were taken at night, I was playing around with ISO settings on my camera.  I set the ISO on the following shot a little too low/slow (OK, “a lot” too low/slow) and it came out a bit blurry.  At the same time, I like the effect on the colors and think the blurriness might work for the photo…

The following photos were taken and recently re-touched.  The first was on this blog earlier – I decided to lighten the photo some in order to make it “pop” out more:

…followed by a Taipei photo I dug out of the neglected batch:


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6 responses to “Around the Apartment

  1. The last pic looks like my old neighborhood in Xinzhuang city, only a bit cleaner. :)

  2. Eric Pearce

    Pluralism Project – congratulations!
    Keep up the good work!

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