The Park by the River (Again)

I have previously taken photos at this large park near the river which acts as the border between Hsinchu and Jhubei, but I wanted to go out again tonight as we had a perfectly clear night for a change.

With the 18-55 lens, I got some regular landscape photos and a shot of a tower which carries powerlines.  They are somewhat obnoxiously right on the trail – but good for an HDR from a different perspective:

I was also happy with this HDR of Jhubei.  My apartment is nestled somewhere in the middle of the buildings.  I would consider this to be a “newish” part of town because as it is indeed newer than the winding, crowded streets of “Old Jhubei” further to the west, it pales in scope to the newer section of town which is being billed as a “New Taipei.”  It certainly is getting that feel – I just hope we don’t have a construction bubble on our hands.

Anyway, be sure to click on the photo below to see a larger version in Flickr.  This blog’s limits make me keep photos small.  This was also taken with the 18-55mm.

…and finally, a bird shot taken with the 70-300mm – of course the glass was stretched out as far as possible.  I’m not sure what kind of bird this is – please let me know if you’re familiar with Taiwanese fauna.

Things are still going well here.  I will be having a day off in a week due to the Moon Festival – I’ll be sure to post any photos that come up as a result of that experience…

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