Jhubei in HDR

I never intended on making this blog a full-on photo blog in the first place – though it has interestingly kind of become an outlet for this work.  I also never intended to consider this blog for only HDR photos, and I definitely mix it up between what kinds of photography appear here.  However, when I made my first real successful HDR photo with Photomatix of a small church in League City, Texas a few months ago, I was hooked.  As I learned more about the postprocessing, I was able to satisfactorily take a few photos of Firelands Scout Reservation’s lake – a boy scout camp at which I worked during the summers of 2000-2004.

I’ve noticed that HDR is a type of photography that needs constant practice.  I’ve taken good HDR shots and bad ones (some of which in that latter category ended up on this very blog) so it’s good to reflect as to why they turn out.  A recent example in a local temple (which I may retry) had me mistaking the correct ISO.  Whoops.

This brings me to this photo of a blue truck.  Blue trucks might not seem like that big of a deal in the States or outside of Taiwan (I’m not sure about China on this) – but here on “Ilha Formosa,” these are ubiquitous – especially in a booming city like Jhubei.  Since they are used for manual work including construction, they crawl around the area where the school I teach is located – as buildings seem to be growing from the ground.

Here’s the HDR – taken this evening with some dying sunlight:

At first glance, not bad.  When you enlarge it, you’ll see that the HDR takes the imperfections and makes them obvious – which is GREAT for a subject such as this.  In addition, the glow from the house next door gives some extra color.  I did take down the blues in the saturation panel on Aperture for obvious reasons.  I really like this photo.  But there’s one major flaw with it.  You see, these trucks are flatbeds.  I made it look like it has a back trailer with some poor compositon.  Whoops, again.  A good lesson to learn.

Anyway, off to some shots of Jhubei earlier this evening.  We have Moon Festival today – so I got the day off work.  This allowed me to travel to nearby Beipu, and I will be posting some photos of that trip later.  I do have to say that 50 minutes on the scooter makes your butt very, very numb.

I’ll first post some more HDRs of Jhubei.  We had a nice sunset, which gave me plenty of beautiful tones to work with.  This is a very pretty city – though I have to be creative in how to frame it in order to capture it well.

I’m going off on a tangent again… I’ll stop.  Photos below.

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