The Hsinchu Zoo

Yuling and I visited the Hsinchu Zoo today, after kind of randomly wandering into the front gate after looking at a seasonal “holiday” market set up as a follow-up to the Moon Festival.  The cost for the zoo was $10 NTD… about $0.30 US.  Hard to believe – but we went ahead and went inside.  Yuling had remembered the zoo as a shadow of a zoo in its earlier years – but it did have decent facilities and I could tell animals were being taken care of pretty well.  While it didn’t have a large selection, it was a great deal for what we got.  Photos are below – along with some descriptions.  Check out this Flickr set of mine to see the rest of the photos.

Above: some shots of the Crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis).  These monkeys are common in Malaysia and were in an open-air area which made these shots easy with my 70-300mm lens.  They were great subjects as they moved around – the last photo is the youngest of the group.

Below are a few more photos – a crocodile and an ostrich.  While there were more varieties of animals at the zoo, the size and budget of the place worked against me – along with some cages which I couldn’t get clear shots through.


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7 responses to “The Hsinchu Zoo

  1. Nice photos, the one I like most is the first photo of the ostrich.

  2. What an incredible price, even if the selection of animals was small. I haven’t made it to a zoo in Taiwan yet, so maybe this would be the place to go? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tes

    I love visiting zoo… it’s always the place for the family to hangout and meet new wild fiends. Thanks for the fun post…and the pics are so beautiful as always… :)

  4. Did you use a tripod to keep the 70-300mm steady? These are uber-awesome photos! Specially the close-ups of the monkeys and the ostrich!

    • Thanks! Actually, no – the 70-300 is light enough that you can do it handheld. I made sure to get the VR version though because the vibration reduction will save you. One thing I wish I had a tripod for though was my poor attempt at taking video of the monkeys… I’ll have to return sometime to try that with a tripod in tow.

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