2 Acres Plowed, Taipei

One of the bands at the Daniel Pearl Day of Music yesterday was – to my surprise – a country group.  Called “2 Acres Plowed,” they played a great set consisting of some originals and classics.  Since I’ve been on a Johnny Cash/Hank Williams/Willie Nelson hitch lately in terms of my music listening, this was pretty well timed.  Also, having lived in Houston, TX, this didn’t hurt much – though I have to say that I’ll be the first to admit I was too much of a “damn Yankee” to have ever been a “real” Texan.

The shots below were done with my 70-300 Nikkor lens stretched all the way out to 300 in most cases.  Next time I shoot a concert, I’ll make sure to take different angles than I did… there was no reason to be stuck from the one (but good) vantage point I used… you’ll notice that only one photo below comes from the opposite end of the stage.

Oh, and here’s the band’s website and Facebook page.

One more note: You’ll see above that I now link to the “Lightbox” for each photo – a basic black background – instead of linking to the photo’s actual Flickr page.  Let me know what you prefer in the comments if you’d like.

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