Peacefest, TáoShān, Wufong Township

This post is the first in a series of two regarding Peacefest, an expat-led world music festival in rural TáoShān, located in Wufong Township, Taiwan.  While I’m not much of a music festival enthusiast (especially if the title is “Peacefest” as I tend to be a bit of a realist/pessimist), I decided to check out my second music festival in two weeks after realizing that I hadn’t explored much of this part of Hsinchu County.

The most interesting part of Taoshan (I’ll go away from pinyin now) is the aboriginal heritage of the town.  You can tell this even in peoples’ faces – they’re certainly not of Chinese origin.  Taiwanese aborigines have had a history that is much like that of other natives – being pushed off their land, being given minimal resources with which to work, and succumbing to social problems such as alcoholism.  You can tell that in this area – Taoshan itself is certainly more wealthy than the surrounding villages, and even then, it is the exception.

While most spoke Mandarin and all the signs were in Chinese, there was a certain non-Chinese personality to the place.  I’ll have to visit places like this again.  Of course, I’ll have to be prepared to have things sold to me… nearly all of the food vendors greeted me with a happy “HELLO!”

Anyway, on to the photos.


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2 responses to “Peacefest, TáoShān, Wufong Township

  1. Corinna Habib

    Great photos Josh! Definitely a great adventure up to the top;-)

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