Hsinpu Persimmon Farm

Yesterday, Yuling and I visited a persimmon orchard which dries the fruit and sells the packaged product to local markets in addition to selling a variety of products on the spot.  The farm was located in Hsinpu Town here in Hsinchu County and was surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains.  Throw in a sight to behold with thousands of persimmons sitting out in the sun and some very photogenic farm workers who love to ham it up for the camera, and you have a great morning.

As always, my Flickr account has a lot more photos. Click each picture below for a larger size and more choices on how big you want to see each image.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this was just the start of a long day…


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4 responses to “Hsinpu Persimmon Farm

  1. These are beautiful pictures! It looks like a great day trip, too. Too bad Hsinchu isn’t all that close to where I live in Yilan…

    • Thanks! It is a good choice for a morning – I wouldn’t say it could hold my personal interest for an entire day. There are other things to see in the area as Beipu, a Hakka village, isn’t too far away.

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