A Walk Down BoAi

BoAi street in Jhubei seems like a different city than the section of town I’m living in near Guangming 6th and Xiansheng.  While it has plenty of chains stores (7-11 is EVERYWHERE here in Taiwan) it also includes a few street vendors and for some reason, a lot of fruit markets.

I spent some time walking around practicing my street photography the other day.  Namely, having the courage to stand on a street corner and just take shots.  I liked how this shot came, though the framing could be improved.  I am finding that it’s important for me to feel more comfortable with composition, as I’d like to improve my “on-the-spot” photography now that I’m getting the basics of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed figured out.

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  1. Going out of your comfort zone is a hard thing to do. Anything accomplished while doing so is great. This picture, though of nothing “spectacular” represents normalcy on the street, and that is a picture worth taking. Good job. I like candid photos.

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