Wild West in the Far East?

The other night, I had a Tex-Mex craving.  Unfortunately, that’s a hard thing to quell in a place like Taiwan, which, like any other country, has its own take on any cuisine which gets imported to Formosa’s shores.

The good news is that there’s a pretty decent Tex-Mex place here in Jhubei City.  While it’s a little kitschy (complete with all of the servers wearing cowboy hats) and the beer is way overpriced, it’s a good escape.  They have a few good dishes and a locally famous 72-ounce steak which you get for free if you finish within an hour.

One of my favorite things is the bilingual sign.  I turned this into black-and-white to show contrasts and also because there isn’t much color going on with the red-yellow-blue scheme they have.

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