New Scenes from Taipei

This weekend started with botched plans to visit Tainan in southern Taiwan due to some rainy weather, so I decided to go north instead and head to Taipei, where I would pick up some camera gear and run some errands.  The rain isn’t a big deal with the subways and the fact that the city is made for pedestrians, rain or shine.

This gave me a good chance to test out a new 35mm prime lens from Nikkor.  It’s f/1.8, which means it’s very “fast” and sharp in low-light settings.  In addition, I’ve already noticed that it’s helped me work on my composition, as I can’t zoom in at all.  My legs do the work.

I have many, many more shots coming from Taipei yesterday and Hsinchu today.  In addition, I still have some waiting on my MacBook hard drive as they’ve been processe since earlier being rejected.  Today’s post will start off a Taipei series with some shots taken in the streets and at Longshan Temple, which I’ve included before.

The first shot was taken with the 35-mil.  The 1.8 was very, very nice in situations like this.  This girl was announcing a deal for a skin care store (think “Bath and Body Works”) and I was intruiged by the wings just after seeing another girl in costume for an electronics store.  This was taken in the Ximending area of the city, where I spent much of the night.

The following was taken at Longshan temple.  Just visiting this temple is quite an experience in and of itself.  I made sure to increase the f-stop (merely to 2.8) and give multiple focus points for the camera.  I then processed it with a tint that matched the day’s cloudy weather.  Also taken with the 35mm.

This moving train needed VR, which the new lens does not have.  Luckily, the 70-300mm worked well for this.  I need to do more shots of moving trains with longer exposures – especially in the subway.

Shot data:

Photo 1: Nikkor 35mm AF-S at f/1.8 and 1/500 shutter speed at ISO 1600.

Photo 2: Nikkor 35mm AF-S at f/2.8 and 1/500 shutter speed at ISO 400.

Photo 3: Nikkor 70-300mm at 70mm. f/22 and .6 shutter speed at ISO 400.


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  1. Nice shots and good job getting around “town.”

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