More from Hsinchu Zoo

Last weekend, I had the chance to revisit Hsinchu Zoo.  I revisited my old favorites, the crab-eating macaques, and they were especially lively.  I then made my way up to an area which I neglected before – the orangutans, tigers, and bears.  I have a previous post with photos from the first time I visited.

These shots were all made with the Nikkor 70-300mm.  I had to turn the ISO up to 1600 and was shooting at f/5.6, the widest aperture at 300mm.  While I could’ve used a wider aperture (meaning a more expensive lens), there was a decent amount of light, though I felt like I was racing the sun.





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38 responses to “More from Hsinchu Zoo

  1. Excellent visit to the zoo!

  2. Modern Funk

    Wonderful photos! Love the one with the aqua blue background. Very nice! :)

  3. Teri

    Wow, gorgeous monkey shots. Thanks for sharing them with us! Congrats on being pressed.


  4. Wow! The detail on the faces — just stunning! Thank you for sharing… :)

  5. cool pictures! going to the zoo is always a good time seeing animals and new things.

  6. Love the orangatang (dang, probably misspelled that)! He looks so calm and relaxed. :)

  7. I love animals and iam thinking to start a blog specifically for animals.But only social animals will be able to view it.

  8. I LOVE the orangutan shots!
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  9. sandyvanasch

    Wow! Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the way you capture the personality and love of the pets for their young.

    My husband was raised in Indonesia and their family had a pet Orangatang. The Orangatang was a member of the family. He ate at a small table and sat on a chair in their kitchen. My husband and his brothers were protected by this Orangatang. No one dare harm them.

    When World WarII hit–the Japanese shot the orangatang along with my mother-in-laws entire family.

    My hobby is oil painting. Could I copy your photo of the Orangatang and paint it? or is it copyrighted? Please let me know.

    I love your work!!!!
    Sandra Van ASch
    Utah, USA

    • Sandra: the photo is only copyrighted under “Creative Commons,” which means you can use it if you want as long as I get credit if/when you display or publish your work. Thanks for your comments :)

  10. Great Shots! I love taking pictures of monkeys they are hilarious! Check out this little guy I just took in Cambodia. I also live in Taiwan, its great to see other photographers out and about shoot. Good luck Josh-in-Taiwan!

    • Very nice! I liked the Cambodia post in general. I’m kind of jealous of your Southeast Asia tour as I have yet to visit that part. As great as Taiwan is, I’d like to experience some other cultures soon.

  11. Sunflowerdiva

    I love these pictures!

  12. Shanna VanNorman

    Kind of obsessed with your work. Photographers to me are like rock stars to groupies. I simply love all of you.

    I hope to follow my passion in photography soon.

    Currently I too am working on an inspiration blog, in an effort to follow my own dreams:

    Feel free to take the latest quiz and find out what fear is holding you back.

    Much love,


  13. Tes

    These shots are so amazing! :)

  14. marlowesnymph

    Those are so amazing! Congrats on freshly pressed. These pictures are really great.

  15. 夏恩

    Nice pictures! I live in Hsinchu too and was surprised to see this post on the main wordpress page. I like our little zoo, especially the flamingos and whatever those crazy monkeys are that are kept in those big plastic areas, jumping around and smashing into the walls, trying to kill visitors. Good fun.

    • Hah – yes, there are the crab-eating macaques (shown here) which go crazy for food (not sure how healthy it was for people to give them food, but hey, I got some great action!)

      I think there are also some lemurs and a few other animals that go pretty nuts… hence the cages. You’re right – not a bad zoo at all for 20 NT :)

      For what it’s worth, I personally live/work across the river from you in Jhubei.

  16. Very good images! I love the color, of course. But the black and white are great, too. I am in the same boat with the lenses. I have a 75-300mm lens with the same aperture range. It works really well, but I would love to be able to afford one of the more expensive lenses. Some day… :)

    • Thanks! I think a big part of me wanting a 2.8 is the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 I just bought. I took it on a walk around Taipei at night (see my most recent post :) ) and was very impressed at what a difference a few f-stops make.

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  18. You really killed the B&W Photography. :) Good job! I love those photos. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the zoo too!

  19. masact

    Great skill shot. Well done.

  20. nice,

    I feel like going to the zoo and do some photography myself,

    …inspiering post, I like that!

  21. tayjengchu

    Wonderful pictures!! I really should return home one day soon to check out all the beautiful things that my native country has to offer :)

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