Street Scenes: Ximending

Before I start today’s post, let me say thanks to the new visitors. has an awesome feature where they pick a blog to feature along with about 7-8 others on their front page.  This has increased my traffic and made me thankful that I’m not running my own server!  I learned that I was “freshly pressed” through a comment and checked my email.  As of only 12 hours later, I have 546 hits today alone, and counting.  This isn’t bad at all for a blog which usually averages 30 per day!

If you’d like, go ahead and subscribe.  I post daily photos of my time in Taiwan and would love to see some more comments.  Thanks to those of you who have commented in the past! If anyone with a photo or relevant travel blog is interested, I’m also always up for trading blogroll links.

Today’s post shows some street scenes from Taipei.  Specifically, this is Ximending, a district known for its fashionable shops and plethora of advertising.  It’s a pretty “trendy” district, and full of young people.  Of course, because this is Taiwan, street food is still all over.

These shots were mostly taken using the new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8.  In addition, I used the 70-300mm on some of these photos.



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9 responses to “Street Scenes: Ximending

  1. GREAT photos–so much energy! Nice.

  2. The crowds. They are everywhere. Another great example of how “ordinary” life is photo-worthy.

    This is your second time being freshly pressed, is it not?

    • Taiwan is a great place to just people-watch. One day I wish I had my camera out, I saw a bunch of “cosplayers” walk by. There’s always some kind of festival happening at some point.

      And as to your question, unfortunately, no :) This was my first time being freshly pressed. I was kind of surprised by it, actually.

      • bowet000

        I lived in Taipei up until this past Feb. I miss it a lot. I love seeing your pics…they make me think I should move back :)

  3. I also stumbled upon your website on “freshly pressed”. Awesome pictures! I worked in Taiwan a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Hope you’re enjoying your time there!

  4. I remember having fried chicken from a chicken shop right outside/across from the station…i think it’s like a KFC of taiwan

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