More from Hsinchu

More from Hsinchu today.  This weekend’s forecast is looking sketchy at best, so I hope to get out again.  I wish we could have more days like the Sunday when I took these photos.

These top two shots show some candid scenes of teenagers dancing near the East Gate in the city.  The park in that area is this kind of hang out where these teenagers congregate on Sundays to practice hip-hop dance moves.  I never knew this was popular in Asia until visiting this place.  It’s quite a scene with the backdrop of an old city gate right next to them.



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6 responses to “More from Hsinchu

  1. I just had this thought. With all these pictures about daily life in Taiwan, you may want to write a book about your experiences and use your photos to illustrate.

  2. The photos in this blog is amazing! The moments are captured so well.

  3. Tes

    I love the way your shots always capture the lives and trend of the place you visit! It’s a great experience visiting your blog :)

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