A Break from Street Photography

This post is a break from street photography for a second.  While I’ve been enjoying it immensely after going almost all-HDR for a while when I first started this hobby, I’ve found it enlightening and important to branch out to other types of shooting.

When I bought the 70-300mm, a whole new world was opened to me.  Wildlife photography actually came after the ability to shoot public events from a distance.  This fashion show was shot in Ximending, Taipei.  I came across it after wandering through this district and saw that they were setting up a stage for Playboy and Paul Frank.  Apparently, a branch of Paul Frank was introducing a line of Playboy shoes.  I decided to stake out a spot in the front near some “real” photographers to try at getting some shots.  This wasn’t impossible, as it was raining, which was a mixed blessing, I guess.

All of these were taken with the 70-300mm and the SB-600 speedlight.  I used regular TTL auto-metering and opened my aperture to the largest stop (f/4.5 at 70mm and f/5.6 at 300mm).  Some of the more irritating things about a shoot like this are the very production values that make a fashion show or whatever it is on stage look “good.”  The low light mixed with the changing strobes and fog machine made things extremely hard to see.  Further, since I don’t have a professional lens (and I also don’t have $2,000 to buy one!) it was difficult to force my lens to be as fast as it could at times.  Oh, and did I mention about that stupid fog machine?  Ugh.

These first three images were shot with the conditions/settings mentioned above.  Nikkor 70-300mm opened wide with an SB-600 aimed directly and on TTL.


The last shot was not taken on stage, but rather down the street.  This girl was promoting the show and I used the 35mm f/1.8, again opened wide, without a flash.

As always, click on each photo to enlarge it and find the EXIF data through Flickr.


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6 responses to “A Break from Street Photography

  1. Fun shots Joshua…

    I agree with you about a couple of things. First, it IS good to get out and do some different things. For me, I find when I experiment *out of my comfort zone* so to speak, I always benefit from the lessons learned when I shoot my *usual* stuff.

    Secondly, it often really s about the lighting when shooting these kind of events. A professionally lit stage just pops somehow.

    I’m off to Beijing to se the kids in two days, catch up soon!


    PS… that lens I borrowed from Alex last week costs a little more than $7,000! I was a nervous wreck every time I pulled it out!

    • Thanks for the comments! I still haven’t figured out exactly what the “usual” stuff is (I’d guess street photography would be it, though) but I do have to say I know what you mean in that it transcends into what I normally shoot.

      The professionally lit stage was nice, but I found it to overexpose too easily… I know that’s kind of the point, but it was interesting to see what I had to change.


  2. Eric Pearce

    Hey, Josh!
    We’re on Thanksgiving break at Clear Springs.
    I love that in the first image, you got everything
    except for the footwear! I have been enjoying all the
    posts. I especially like the wildlife and zoo animals.
    OK, and the bunnies.

  3. It is always good to change things up a bit and try something new. Saturday night, I tried night photography for the first time. I did not have my laptop this weekend, so posting will have to be tonight, but it will be there. Trying new things gets us exposed to different things and promotes creativity.

    Great shots. You did a good job with the challenges you faced.

  4. Hi! Tnx. for visiting. I see there is plenty of interesting things on your blog, I’ve added you to my rss reader, I’ll be following you. And, of course, see you on Wednesdays! :)

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