Breakdancers in Hsinchu City

I’ve taken a lot of photos of the East Gate of Hsinchu City (more) and mentioned before that teenagers frequent the spot to practice hip-hop dancing.

Last weekend, I dropped by just passing through as the gate is the center of focus for a great underpass that lets you bypass the aggravating roundabout if you are walking through.  A group of kids noticed my camera, and started showing off.  I started taking some shots, and they were pretty excited to see these on the back of my camera.  Overall, it was pretty impressive.


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4 responses to “Breakdancers in Hsinchu City

  1. This teenagers are awesome!

    I watched them dancing several time, and felt they must train themselves a lot, because it’s pretty hard lift up our whole body and whirl.

    I especially admire that they have full confidence to show their great skills to you, they are definitely fearless dancers.

    • Yes, Lily – they’re there pretty much every weekend. I don’t know about other cities in Taiwan, but I’d say that if a photographer were to visit Hsinchu, this spot would be a must-see on any weekend day.

  2. Impressive skills, and an impressive capture of those skills.

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